The Complete Bentley: 
All models since 1920

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Rolls-Royce created Bentley Motors (1931) Ltd, making The Silent Sports Car, eventually to be subsumed into Rolls-Royce clones until transformed in 1997 by VW. New management kept the louche glamour, returned Bentley to racing and won a sixth Le Mans. The combination of German engineering and British tradition produced a European car with a dazzling international reputation.

The Complete Bentley is the only single volume with an accurate comprehensive model-by-model guide with details, specifications and pictures of every Bentley made. It starts with the notable rotary aero engine of World War I as redesigned for the Royal Flying Corps by Lieutenant Walter Owen Bentley RN. It describes all the collectors’ classics and includes a fully-illustrated chronology of the company and its racing since 1919.


This title is an entry in the File Series, comprehensive volumes about the history, development and technical specifications of individual makes.
Used as in-house reference by automotive manufacturers and prized by collectors, File Series books make a fascinating read or an impressive gift.
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