The Classic MG File

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"Some cars became classics because there were few. MGs became classics even though there were lots. MGs became an institution in the 1930s, founder Cecil Kimber setting an industry example in niche marketing. Rarely expensive or very fast, MGs exemplified the sports 2-seater in its purest form."

Classic MG File is what MG fans have been waiting for: a book dedicated to MG models, written by distinguished motoring author and historian Eric Dymock in a revised digital edition of his long out of print, well-reviewed MG File.

"Open MGs were an aspiration of the young at heart, the name boosted by a sporting reputation that transcended outright victories. MGs were mostly class winners, as in the 1933 Mille Miglia, or won epic events on handicap like the 1934 TT when Nuvolari drove a K3. MG’s reputation was forged when the charismatic Midget lit a spark of enthusiasm that never went out."

As with every File-Series book, the Classic MG File is a treasure trove of models, photos, diagrams, specifications and anecdotes, of equal interest to MG enthusiasts, automotive industry experts and students of elegant design.


This title is an entry in the File Series, comprehensive volumes about the history, development and technical specifications of individual makes.
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