Eric Dymock on Cars SERIES

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What were you doing in the early '90s? Eric Dymock was driving cars, lots of them. Eric Dymock on Cars is a four-volume anthology of test results, model-by-model comparisons and thoughts about the future of motoring that make for fascinating reading from 25 years down the road.

Much of it is quite surprising from today's perspective. There are serious comparisons made between cars such as the 5-series BMW and a Citroen XM, Fiat Croma or Ford Granada, much speculation on devices we would eventual come to know as sat navs, and on the possible future of then-embryonic Japanese luxury brands in Europe. Eric Dymock definitely belongs to the old school of automotive journalism: balanced, neutral, technically precise and focused on factual matters. This series provides a unique insight into the automotive scene as it was a quarter of a century ago.