Eric Dymock on Cars SERIES

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What were you doing in the early '90s? Eric Dymock was driving cars, lots of them. Eric Dymock on Cars is a four-volume anthology of test results, model-by-model comparisons and thoughts about the future of motoring that make for fascinating reading from 30 years down the road.



What were cars like 30 years ago? Eric Dymock selects from his 1989 writing about cars and motoring topics, with colour pictures throughout. Features and motoring columns are reproduced as they appeared during those 12 months. Some have unpublished parts restored. Comments from the hindsight of 30 years is added for context, or where first thoughts may have turned out less than perfect.

This fully-illustrated book covers automotive events throughout 1989, a year in which petrol cost 38.4p a litre (£1.75/gal). It was launch year for Alfa Romeo SZ; BMW 850; Chevrolet Corvette ZR1; Chrysler Le Baron Coupé; Citroën XM; Ford Thunderbird, Ford Fiesta; Honda Integra; Honda NSX; Honda Accord; Infiniti Q45; Lancia Dedra; Land Rover Discovery; Lexus LS 400; Mazda 323; Mercedes-Benz 300/500SL; Mitsubishi Eclipse; Nissan 300 ZX; Nissan Skyline GT-R; Opel Calibra; Peugeot 605; Rover 800 Coupé, Subaru Legacy; Toyota Celica and many more.

Readership of The Sunday Times and Fast Lane found frank and lively opinions from Eric as motoring correspondent, covering test driving of new cars, features on classics, and views on the important motoring topics of the day. This glimpse back over the years is enriched by his half-century of motoring experience.

Eric reports from motor shows in Geneva, Tokyo, London and Frankfurt, comments on classic motor racing anniversaries, legislation and the year’s advances in technology. Fun, informative and quirky, it's a great read.

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This full-length anthology covers Eric Dymock’s selection of the 100 best cars on sale in Britain, detailed by class and price, and recalls the best-sellers and also-rans of 1990. The Austin Metro was best economy family saloon up to £7,000, Vauxhall Cavalier best family car under £10,000, and Vauxhall Senator best executive recommended for Sunday Times readers. Book reviews and comment on environmental issues are selected from published material and remain uncut and virtually untouched.
A unique insight into motoring history.

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This full-length anthology covers automotive events throughout 1991, a year in which petrol fell from 40.2p a litre in 1990 to 39.5p a litre (£1.828/gal to £1.796). It was the launch year for BMW 3-series, Bentley Continental R; Fiat Cinquecento; Honda Prelude; several Mazdas including the MX-5; Mercedes-Benz S-Class; Vauxhall/Opel Astra; Peugeot; Porsche 968; Seat Toledo; Toyota Corolla; Toyota Camry; Volvo 800; VW Golf Series III and many more described in this unique insight into motoring history.

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1992 was launch year for cars from Volkswagen, General Motors, Mercedes-Benz, Nissan, BMW, Ford, and Rover. Others including Fiat, Jaguar, Renault, Volvo and Peugeot-Citroën are described or assessed in a unique insight into motoring history. Eric Dymock reports from motor shows, comments on classic motor racing anniversaries, legislation, advances in technology and political subjects such as the European import quotas imposed on Japanese cars.