The Land Rover File:
65th Anniversary Edition

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The Land Rover File: 65th Anniversary Edition is a must for any 4x4 enthusiast's bookshelf: the only complete single volume work that includes a history since 1948 together with an endorsement by legendary Land Rover development engineer Roger Crathorne. Every model of Land Rover since 1948 is detailed in this full-color volume.

As with every File-Series book, the Land Rover File is a treasure trove of models, photos, diagrams, specifications and anecdotes, of equal interest to Land Rover enthusiasts, automotive industry experts and students of elegant design. Evoque, Defender, Range Rover, Discovery, Freelander, and Range Rover Sport are all included to bring the book bang up to date.


Click here to buy "The Land Rover File" on Amazon

Click here to buy "The Land Rover File" on Amazon

Praise for The Land Rover File: 65th Anniversary edition

As an independent author, we may not agree with (Eric Dymock) on absolutely everything, but we use this book as a working document and I commend it.
— Roger Crathorne, Land Rover
Well worth putting on any 4x4 enthusiast’s bookshelf; great as a reference tool, but equally enjoyable just to dip in and out. I will be doing both.
— Nigel Fryatt, Editor, 4x4 Magazine


This title is an entry in the File Series, comprehensive volumes about the history, development and technical specifications of individual makes.
Used as in-house reference by automotive manufacturers and prized by collectors, File Series books make a fascinating read or an impressive gift.
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