MODEL BY MODEL since 1903

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Vauxhall’s history is a fascinating one. The a story that includes some great engineers and some fantastic cars, and a brand that has touched the lives of millions of people in Britain, be it as owners, employees or simply those who have travelled in a Vauxhall car.

Vauxhall pioneered synchromesh gearboxes, unitary bodies, and the famous knee-action independent front suspension. The Cadet, Light Six, Big Six, and later 10-Four, 12-Four, and 1-Six were 1930s family cars of genteel respectability. Mid-Atlantic styling after World War II brought Velox, Cresta and Victor.

Vauxhall returned to motor racing through Dealer Team Vauxhall, and later VXRacing, winning the British Touring Car Championship. GM Europe brought the Opel-engineered Cavalier in 1975, saving the Vauxhall name and keeping the home fires burning.

This edition of Vauxhall: Model by Model from 1903 has been redesigned, expanded and brought comprehensively up to date to coincide with the appointment of the Astra as Car of the Year 2017.

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This independent volume, written in Eric Dymock's inimitable style, is a great gift for the motoring enthusiast who wants details on Vauxhall cars at a click - whether for reference, browsing, or settling those dinner-table discussions.

Pictures throughout show the Edwardian splendour of the Prince Henry and the 30-98 which transformed popular cars in Britain with independent front suspension and integral body structures. Vauxhall: Model by Model from 1903 details the company from its origins in Vauxhall Gardens London, through the grandeur of Edwardian racing cars, to its takeover by General Motors in 1927. Specifications include D-type army staff cars in 1914 then Churchill tanks in 1941. Model-by model entries include the whole panoply of Vauxhall up to and including the 2016 Astra.


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In this book you will see the sheer breadth of Vauxhall achievements … from a 5hp car that started our journey in 1903, through to the latest and greatest Astra nearly 15-million vehicles later, Vauxhall is securely woven into Britain’s motoring fabric.
— Rory Harvey
Chairman and Managing Director, Vauxhall Motors


This title is an entry in the File Series, comprehensive volumes about the history, development and technical specifications of individual makes.
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