Get Well Soon Sir Stirling

August 9 1983, dinner with Joanna Lumley and Stirling Moss. It’s not every day you sit down with National Treasures. Celebrities of one sort and another yes. National Treasures seldom. We were in Italy driving over the Mille Miglia course. Moss won in 1955 driving a Mercedes-Benz 300SLR. Erik Johnson head of public relations at Mercedes-Benz UK fixed up the expedition to publicise its new 190, a saloon about the size of a Cortina. He also had a publicity gig going with Joanna Lumley. We had a meal along with Joanna’s friend whose name alas I can’t remember, and her small boy in some mountain retreat.

Stirling was his usual talkative self. What a hero. I watched him win the British Grand Prix at Aintree the year he won the Mille Miglia. Joanna Lumley, well unforgettable. What you see is what you get. Stunning beauty, liquid eyes; she pays attention to what you are saying as though it’s worth listening to. Never met her since but I have never forgotten. What charm. No wonder she got her own way over the Ghurkas.

Moss. Now he has fallen down his own lift shaft. He is in hospital with broken ankles. It’s a wonder he didn’t kill himself. Octane magazine for January ran an unfortunate feature on him with a picture of him getting into the lift. He always was a gadget freak, unfortunately it looks as though some of his gadgets are getting past their sell-by date. All the very best for a swift and complete recovery Sir S, OBE.