Sting Ray blow-up

We had no pangs about doing 140 on the M1. I was recalling at Le Mans the other week, with Corvette enthusiast Sean, my experience with what he thought the most desirable model of all, the split back window Sting Ray. We were kind to it in The Motor, remembering that when I was driving it on the M1 not far short of its maximum speed of 146.6mph, the 5.4litre V8 put a rod through the side. Everything locked up and there was lots of smoke and noise. The sudden stoppage rocked the car until we pulled it up on the hard shoulder. I can't say I warmed to the Sting Ray. I had driven a lot of E-types and this was a pale imitation, unrefined and noisy. I didn't much like writing, "It was the equal of any GT car to be found on either side of the Atlantic". Motor road tests were committee affairs and I was new. Still, we thought the fuel consumption "not unreasnable" at 15.8mpg.