Dunkley Pramotor

Here’s an idea for electric. Power for prams. Dyson could instal its latest digital electric in a new version of the 1923 Dunkley Pramotor. It does five times the speed of a Formula 1 engine, and with fewer moving parts than other electric engines, lasts four times as long. The DC12 and DC 22 vacuums and the Dyson Airblade™ hand dryer have them. Double-click to read

Nannies could do with a bit of motivation for tours of the park on balmy afternoons. The Dunkley had a single cylinder engine and Nanny steered from the back step. Alas it was a noisy two-stroke, which would have kept the baby awake. You mixed lubricating oil with the petrol on two-strokes so they were smoky and smelly.

GrandTeddy no longer needs a pram. StepGrandGeorge does, and while Alex would probably like a spin on the Dunkley’s pillion, it would worry Jane. An electric Pramotor would soothe and pacify George, who would doze like babies do, and you could charge the machine up off a domestic three-pin. Light weight and a slim Nanny would give it Car of the Year Nissan Leaf performance and range, without the complication of flashing indicators, regenerative braking, parking camera, telematics and enough innovative connectivity to allow heating or cooling the interior remotely via mobile phone or computer. A Dyson Pramotor would have no satellite navigation. Well-paid Nannies would find their own way to the perk.