Toyota and John Cobb

Loch Ness. The John Cobb Memorial. It is opposite the site of his accident on 29 September 1952 attempting the world water speed record in jet-powered Crusader. This photograph, taken later in the 1950s is of drivers on a Scottish rally, including brother Craig (in dark jacket) and John (middle facing left) as well as two whom I used to navigate. Jimmy Murray (facing camera in front of Craig) rallied an MG TD with some success. Directly in front of him, Bill Cleland. They said I was brave sitting alongside Bill in his Ford Zephyr but it wasn’t like that. I was never a good passenger. All the serious accidents I ever had were as a passenger. But I had no qualms with Bill. It was like sitting beside Stirling Moss on the Mille Miglia. It was a lesson in car control. He was very quick. No surprise young John Cleland won two British Touring Car Championships. Toyota has noticed Loch Ness is famous for more than John Cobb.