Jaguar: All Models Since 1922

A Eric Dymock Motor Ebook from Dove Digital, available now.

A model-by-model account of Jaguar and its history, its automotive achievements and engineering expertise, from the Austin-Swallow of the 1920s to Jaguars of the 21st century.

Dove Digital's new title provides detail of every Jaguar model since 1922. It includes landmark Jaguars from the 1930s '100' models, through XKs and saloons from Mark V to Mark 10. Here are details and authentic, accurate specifications of racing Jaguars and road cars such as the Mark 2 saloons and the one-off XJ13, failures and successes right up to the XF and XJ. It takes in concept cars such as the R-Coupe shown at Frankfurt a week after the centenary of founder Sir William Lyons’ birth on September 4 2001.

Jaguar began in 1922 building motorcycle sidecars, and evolved into one of the world's leading luxury car manufacturers. Jaguars won the Le Mans 24 Hours classic sports car race seven times and competed in Formula 1 grand prix racing. This new Dove Digital publication shows how Jaguar design developed, describes how aluminium technology for the Jaguars was: "Not so much retooling for a new model, as creating a new branch of motor industry."

Style pacesetter and engineering innovator, Jaguar became a cultural icon with the E-type of 1961, the XJ series of saloons and the S-type, XK8 and XKRs of the 1990s. This book is a model-by-model account of how this accomplishment came about, from the Austin-Swallow of the 1920s to Jaguars of the 21st century.

Completely revised and updated since the original best-selling hardback JAGUAR FILE, now out of print.

Recreated 1952 C-type, the unsuccessful altered car that failed at Le Mans. Photographed (like 1948 XK120 heading picture) at Goodwood Revival.

FSN1, Stewart's of Dumbuck demonstrator, driven by the author and Jimmy Stewart, at Turnberry for the RSAC Concours d'Elegance.

Kindle edition ISBN 978-0-9554909-7-2, price £7.99, includes pictures.
Ebook (Adobe Digital) ISBN 978-0-9554909-8-9, price £10.99, colour pictures.