Word from the sponsor

Range Rover stuck on gently sloping driveway. Defender pulled from a ditch. Featured on last night’s Channel 5 Winter Rescue documentary. The RAC had to pull the Range Rover on a towrope and the Defender seemed to have slid off a snowy road. Neither looked badly stuck at all; I’m sure I could have driven them out without any trouble. Yet the TV programmers made a great display of the heroism of the crews tasked with getting threm back on their wheels. Now, I am not patronising the rescuers. They do sterling work. But dwelling on the Range Rover, and making a big issue of it maybe slipping down a steep bank raised a doubt. It may not have been stage-managed, but making an inconvenience into a crisis, as TV doc producers tend to do made it seem contrived. Come the commercial break all was clear. The series is sponsored by Jeep. Too tempting? I am sure Jeep would never play tricks. But a Channel 5 anxious to please just might. What does Land Rover say?