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Dove Publishing's core product, the File books are speciality one-make compilations, concise sources of information on a company and its cars. They include an up-to-date introduction to the business and social history of a manufacturer, with detail on designers, drivers, directors and any competition history. The main part is a model -by-model survey with description, specification, and photographs to complete a unique source of product knowledge. The unique quality of a File book is that it contains the essential details of one make in a single volume. They have become obligatory reading for enthusiasts, researchers and anyone working in the motor industry. Suppliers, dealers, customers, researchers, agencies and students find instant answers to questions, technical, historical, business or sport. Although File books are bought primarily by enthusiasts, car manufacturers regard them highly for their objectivity and accuracy, and buy them for politicians, factory visitors and new executives. Journalists and historians find them indispensable.

Illustrations, specifications and comment on every model are arranged chronologically to make them easy to consult. A ‘model’ is a chassis or platform, and they can include prototypes, historic examples, notable one-off designs or racing cars. Each has a double-page spread with information relating to the year it was introduced.