Good news or bad news

BBC gloomsters have been so intent on telling us we are going to have a triple dip recession that they completely failed to say the UK has become Europe's second-biggest car market. After a lifetime listening to news and current affairs from our national broadcaster I now turn to others, Sky for example, for an objective view. Today, the World at One and PM are worst on radio, BBC TV News 24 not much better. Today was blabbing on about climate change again this morning. It was parroting all the customary lines on rising sea levels, the west’s collective shame about polluting the planet, and how we should be compensating the rest of the world.
Good news is anathema on the liberal left BBC. There was no applause for November’s new car sales in Britain increasing 5.4 per cent to 1.92 million. No comparisons with France collapsing 13.8 per cent to 1.73 million. Europe's biggest market, Germany, fell 2 per cent to 2.88 million. The UK rise, according to Paul Everitt CEO of the SMMT, was down to private retail customers. Demand for small cars showed better than average growth for the 11th month.

In November UK sales rose 11.3 per cent to 149,191 while French fell 19.2 per cent to 144,694 and German dropped 3 per cent to 260,000. The Ford Fiesta has been top seller here so far this year, but demand also has been high for the Focus, the best-selling new car in November.
Jaguar Land Rover welcomed David Cameron to Solihull site for a brief tour of its new customer handover centre where he was shown the first new Range Rover that will be exported to India. He said: “Jaguar Land Rover's continued success, and rising exports, demonstrates the strength of the automotive sector in the UK, and the crucial role this industry plays in growing and rebalancing the economy.”
Time somebody pointed out the good news.