The Motorists' Bedside Blook

New for Christmas reading, the Motorists' Bedside Blook by Eric Dymock, available for Kindle.

This book by Eric Dymock is for those who like dipping idly into the past days of motoring, who have an interest in classic cars and motor racing. It will remind enthusiasts of the cherished Motorists’ Bedside books that included contributors such as John Bolster, Steady Barker and William Boddy. “I used to love picking up those books and lose myself for a while in the halcyon days of motoring and its personalities”, sighs Eric. This is for readers who motor, who like cars, and probably have more than a passing interest in classic cars and motor racing.

To bring Eric’s motoring bedside miscellany up to date, this electronic blook is designed for tablet easy reading. Excerpts are chosen from his lifetime experiences of cars and car people, and have been influenced by friends, family and car enthusiasts. The author sees it as the result of having parents who bequeathed a fortune in good sound common sense, and a profound scepticism of political and environmental activists.

Priced £4.90, The Motorists' Bedside Blook goes on Amazon today with over 70 pictures, mostly in colour, like this one of the prescient Lohner Porsche with hub-mounted motors.